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Shogun II's CGI trailer above is a work of intro art. Funny story - each of the three lead characters in this short were provided as options for PC Gamer cover art. I love the guy with the mirror fan, but he's not exactly going to sell the magazine at the news-stands. We eventually went with an angry Samurai . Probably for the best.

“Is that a second spire? Oooh, Catz, you suave, sexy guy.” I think of all the men in PC gaming, I love Day9 the most. There's a bit in this Funday Monday where he can't quite believe how well his massed Queens requirements have worked out . He may have just broken Starcraft 2's ladder meta-game. Even if you're not into Starcraft 2, it's worth it just for his turn of phrase.

Epic Terran vs Zerg casted by Artosis . I'm not going to say who's playing, because it will spoil the GSL series that Tom's slowly working his way through. But this is a great, great match.

The first two minutes of Dragon Age 2 . Hnnnhg. Rich completed it two weeks ago. Git.

You can tell that all involved had a ball of a time making Fallout Nuka Break - a Fallout 3 fan film . Although I did spend most of the piece wondering whether short shorts are appropriate attire for a post apocalyptic landscape.

Scouts may be dicks . Demomen may well be overpowered . But it turns out all you need is a medic to take the cap . Meanwhile, Lego Team Fortress 2 is precisely as cute as you think it is.

The Battlefield 3 teaser trailer inspired me to watch the original Battlefield 1942 introduction . Funny. I think every gamer will watch a rendered intro and immediately think “I can't wait until all games look this good”. Well, now they do. But we're already wondering when games will look as good as the intros we see today. The fidelity treadmill is a bitch.

Our office friends at Gamesradar showed Dead Space 2 to a mom . The results were unpleasant . NSFW.

*We spent all of two minutes thinking of this title. You can probably do better. Please help. Alternatives included:

The Sunday Matinee

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