PC Gamer Digital Episode 7 - The Battlefield 3 Special - now available on Steam!


You're captivated by the elegant figure of an F/A 18 Super Hornet as it roars over the desert and—BRAP B-BRAP!—syncopated machine gun bursts ripple past your head and cut your gawking short. You sprint to cover in time to watch a tank shell devour your last entrenchment and spit out its dusty remains. Alone you're dead, but above you a UH-1Y Super Huey chops through bursting sun rays and scatters reinforcements like dandelion seeds (if dandelion seeds carried rocket launchers, of course).

I do love hyperbole, but this really (virtually) happened to me. The emergent drama of Battlefield 3's large-scale multiplayer battles is hard to overstate, which is why we've dedicated the latest episode of PC Gamer Digital, which is available now on Steam , entirely to Battlefield 3 and the renowned Battlefield series at large. More details below!

The menu screen of PC Gamer Digital Episode 7

In this episode, you'll explore the present with a guide to deadly BF3 helicopter piloting and a recklessly destructive, physics-testing stunt show (jumping jeeps over helicopters is just the warm-up). Then you'll step into the past with a 360-degree tour of Wake Island—the series' most famous map—from 1942 to the futuristic war zone of 2142, and relive the series' history with every Battlefield-related magazine article ever published in PC Gamer US. And there's more (for less than the price of most shoelaces!), making this episode a must-have for any Battlefield fan.

If you haven't yet experienced PC Gamer Digital, it's an exciting, unique application featuring original interactive content and HD video features from the editors of PC Gamer. Check it out by downloading the free base application (which comes with our debut episode!).

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

Tyler grew up in Silicon Valley during the '80s and '90s, playing games like Zork and Arkanoid on early PCs. He was later captivated by Myst, SimCity, Civilization, Command & Conquer, all the shooters they call "boomer shooters" now, and PS1 classic Bushido Blade (that's right: he had Bleem!). Tyler joined PC Gamer in 2011, and today he's focused on the site's news coverage. His hobbies include amateur boxing and adding to his 1,200-plus hours in Rocket League.