PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 5: Please EA, give us these things for The Sims 5

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Sul Sul! Happy Chat Log day, PC Gamers! It's the fifth episode of the podcast, and this week we have Hardware Write Katie Wickens joining Lauren and me to talk all things The Sims.

With The Sims 5 (or Project Rene, as EA is calling it) on the horizon, there's no better time to look back at what's worked for the series so far and what we hope will be included in the next instalment. Do we want the next game to be free-to-play with a subscription model, or is that even worse than the way the games are monetised right now? What will multiplayer for The Sims 5 look like, and do we even want it in our game? We also look at expansions from previous Sims games and talk about which ones should finally be folded into the damn base game.

But first, we all have to figure out what kind of simmers we truly are. Do we spend hours meticulously crafting sims, some who may or may not resemble people we know in real life? Or are we huge interior decorators who create fake sims in their head to design a house for and then never play in it? 

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Mollie Taylor
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