PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 30: We care a lot about HUDs, apparently

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Hey there everyone! Another week has come and passed, and with it a new episode of the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast. This week we have Wes Fenlon back on the pod to chat all about videogame HUDs, plus a little bit of talk about UIs in general, too.

Trust me, this is something you also deeply care about even if you don't realise. Ever wished you could turn a minimap off and explore without being shackled to it, or grumbled about a game picking a compass as its choice of directional assistance? Ever played Dead Space and said to yourself "damn, that's a nice diegetic heads-up display"? Probably not, but you may have thought something similar.

That's the kind of stuff we're talking about this week: Your health bars, damage numbers, ammo counts, all that good stuff. What do we like in a videogame HUD, and what do we deeply detest? Which games do it best, and why don't more go down the diegetic route? Naturally, we touch on some UI stuff too, talking about some super-stylish interface designs.

You may already have some strong HUD opinions, or this podcast may make you realise you care more than you thought! Either way, feel free to share your own HUD thoughts with us in the comments. We'd love to hear 'em!

Before we get stuck into the main meat of the podcast, catch up with Lauren and I at the start and see what we've been getting up to this week. As always, we've been doing plenty of fun videogame-related things over the last seven days and we always love to share our weeks with each other and with you.

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