PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 24: Diving into Baldur's Gate 3

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Happy Thursday gamers, welcome back to the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast! How have you been this week? Did you watch any EVO shenanigans, did you go out and touch grass? Or, if you're like all of us here at PC Gamer, did you spend your entire weekend holed up inside your room playing Baldur's Gate 3?

If you did, you're in the perfect place because this week's episode is all about Larian's latest grand RPG. We've got Associate Editor Ted Litchfield returning as a guest this week to talk about our first 10 to 20 hours in Baldur's Gate 3 and how we're feeling about the game so far. 

We chat a bit about our chosen Tavs and perhaps spend far too long on our egregiously horny companions—you can blame our BioWare romance brain rot for that one—but take enough time to talk about creative combat solutions and using unique class rizz to talk your way out of combat situations, too. There are some spoilers for Act 1 of course, so if you're not too far yet then maybe come back to this episode once you're a little further in!

It's probably already obvious what we've been up to this week, but Lauren and I still take a little bit of time before the main meat of the podcast to do our weekly catch-up. After all, we've somehow managed to find the time to play some stuff that isn't Baldur's Gate 3. Wild, I know. Don't forget to also let us know what you've been doing this week, whether that's endless dice rolls or playing something else entirely.

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