PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 2: Will Pokémon-likes ever succeed on PC?

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It's another episode of the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast! This time, Lauren Morton and I have roped in Senior Editor Wes Fenlon to talk about Pokémon-likes on PC. 

Monster capture games like Temtem and Ooblets have risen to prominence in recent years, but none seem to be able to captivate PC in the same way Nintendo's own flavour of creature capturing can. But with other cosy console genres like farm life sims finding a great foothold within PC gaming, will Pokémon-type games ever find the same success? Is Pikachu simply too big to top? Get your mind out of the gutter, we won't have a repeat of last time.

Also, check out what Lauren and I have been up to this past week. We try (rather poorly on my part) to make the other guess what games we've been playing in our spare time, from Tekken 7 to Sons of the Forest. 

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Mollie Taylor
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