PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 16: The hidden gems of 2023

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Welcome back to the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast! I hope you're sufficiently Summer Game Fested out, with a ton of hype for upcoming games to sit on top of your ever-growing backlog.

Sorry but not sorry, because this week Lauren and I are here to totally add to that backlog. We're halfway into the year and have seen some ace releases already. From Dead Space to Diablo, 2023 has already been packed full of huge games. But what about the little guy? The games that are really bloody good, but may not have had their moment to shine.

We'll be chatting about some of the hidden gems of 2023 that you may not have heard about. Or maybe you have heard about them and needed that tiiiny push to finally boot it up and play it. We go over some of our personal favourites, plus ones that have been on our radar and regretfully have had no time to play yet. We also go through some gems that our team have been loving and reviewing quite highly, hopefully sending you away with some new games to try out.

We'll be checking in with you at the start as always, sharing what we've been up to in the past week. Well, what we've been getting up to that doesn't involve being glued to a desk while working through all the summer showcase presentations, that is. Or if you're me, having the rare opportunity to ignore all of that and enjoy some nice live music in a field instead.

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Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

Mollie spent her early childhood deeply invested in games like Killer Instinct, Toontown and Audition Online, which continue to form the pillars of her personality today. She joined PC Gamer in 2020 as a news writer and now lends her expertise to write a wealth of features, guides and reviews with a dash of chaos. She can often be found causing mischief in Final Fantasy 14, using those experiences to write neat things about her favourite MMO. When she's not staring at her bunny girl she can be found sweating out rhythm games, pretending to be good at fighting games or spending far too much money at her local arcade.