PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 10: Are videogame movies good now?

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Welcome to another week of the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast! We're 10 episodes in already, which is wild. Thanks for sticking around while we get this thing off the ground and figure out how the hell to talk to our webcams for an hour straight. This week we've got Wes Fenlon back on the pod to talk about TV and movie adaptations of videogames, both good and bad.

It feels like for a long time videogame TV shows and movies sucked. Like, they were so bad. But with juggernauts like Netflix stepping in and creating high-quality adaptations, we're starting to see a turnaround in opinion on these things. Don't get me wrong, some are still pretty tragic (looking at you, Resident Evil), but things are certainly starting to look up.

How much do we care about these adaptations being true to the game? Which TV shows and movies do we fearlessly defend even though we know they're absolute garbage? Why did every fighting game movie in the '90s suck so hard? Why did I cry when I watched the Mortal Kombat movie as a kid? No, it wasn't because of the super ultra-hardcore violence. 

With a ton of adaptations in the works, we talk about the ones we're excited to see and the ones we think may flop. We also share some love for our recent favourites and even pitch some adaptation ideas of our own.

But first, Lauren and I have a quick chat about what we've been up to this week. We're creatures of habit, and sure we may be predictable, but at least we have fun while doing it. I talk about my experience entering my first-ever fighting game tournament, and Lauren once again tempts me in with some great-sounding co-op experiences.

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