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Payday: The Heist's hidden vault unearthed by dedicated bank robbers

If you have a good few hours of your life to spare, if you enjoy ludicrously convoluted treasure hunts, and you're ridiculously good at co-op heist game Payday , you might want to embark on the masochistic quest to discover its hidden vault. (Alternatively, just watch the following video). A dedicated team of players has followed the clues, ticked off an obscure set of criteria in the opening map First World Bank, avoided deadly gas and survived wave after wave of enemies, and finally uncovered the vault and its contents. Was it worth it? You tell us after the break.

For their Herculean efforts - not least of which is a freaking two hour wait while the drill busts a hole in a particularly stubborn door - the team received a message of congratulations from developers Overkill and, oh yes, a "metric fuck-ton" of gold. Thankfully they filmed their endeavour, with instructions on the right way to go about it, if you're tempted to try this out for yourself.