Payday owner Starbreeze announces new indie publishing label

Starbreeze Studios—the Swedish outfit that owns Payday 2 developer Overkill Software—has announced plans to launch Starbreeze IndieLabs, a new publishing label which plans to "sign projects smaller in scope" and help "give developers an easy and quick way to reach the market."

Lion Game Lion's top-down arena shoot 'em up AntiSphere marks the initiative's first collaboration, which Starbreeze says will see it invest $300,000 to help bring the Croatian developer's debut to PC and other platforms. In doing so, Lion Game Lion is set to "retain 100 percent of the Intellectual Property", however it's understood Starbreeze will recoup the investment and will "retain 30 percent of the revenues after distribution fees."

"Under the new Publishing sub-label Starbreeze aims to sign projects smaller in scope and investment to give developers an easy and quick way to reach the market with Publishing support," reads a blog post on the Starbreeze site. "Starbreeze IndieLabs will continue to work according to Starbreeze Publishing’s principles, where Starbreeze aims to be a best in class partner enabling developers to retain a large portion of IP-rights and fair revenue shares, while the Labs label will signify the start-up spirit of the projects."

More information on Antishphere can be found this way, however here's the blurb as per its official site: 

"Jump into your swift spaceship and hold on tight, cause this is gonna be one bumpy ride. Godspeed to you, cause fierce and furious PVP fun awaits in AntiSphere, a competitive arena battle game with a retro feel on speed. Choose from a wide variety of vessels, and customize like crazy to get ahead of competition. Pick and choose your agile abilities to find your perfect playstyle."

AntiSphere is in development, so says Starbreeze, with its release date to be determined and announced at a later date.