Pay what you want for Divinity Anthology is running a "Pay what you want" deal on the Divinity series from Larian Studios. You can get the original 2002 RPG for any price you name. Beat the average (about $8 as of the writing of this article), and they'll also throw in Beyond Divinity. Double the average, and you'll get early access to the Divinity II Developer's Cut when it releases later this month.

All three games come with a host of extras like artwork, soundtracks, and pdf manuals in typical GOG fashion. The dev cut of Divinity II will include an updated version of the base game and the Flames of Vengeance expansion. It also feature's a Developer's Mode which "lets you experience the game from a whole new perspective." We imagine this will be similar to the commentary modes in various Valve games.

The deal will only run for about a week, so navigate your divine browser over to GOG and lay down some divine cash for this divine deal before time runs out.