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Pathologic developers are considering a remake of the horror RPG

Pathologic is a weird game. It's an interesting, atmospheric and creepy open-world horror. It's also not very good. The annoying part is that its failings are actually quite mundane: dodgy translation, numerous bugs, generally janky execution. It's impossibly ambitious, but made base and decrepit by the skin that it inhabits. Apt, but disappointing.

Its own developers seem to agree, and are talking about "resurrecting" the game. It's far from certain at this point, but it does sound like they're considering the possibility of a remake.

As discovered by RPS , Ice Pick Lodge made the announcement via Russian social networking site VK . Here's a segment of their statement , via Google Translate:

"Friends. We initiate resuscitation Mora. Make this game will be very difficult. Magnitude of the task to which we swung far exceed our resources. Therefore, we will refer to your help whenever possible. First task that faces us - Kick training. We will need to shoot a few commercials for-page application."

A couple of Google mistranslation points:

- "Mora" was instead written as Мора. Мор is the original Russian name for Pathologic.

- "Kick training" is almost certainly Kickstarter, given the context and Ice Pick's previous use of the service .

As part of their commercial, the studio is accepting fan art submissions, and asking 40 to 50 people to come to a video shoot - planned for this weekend - to be wrapped and bundled in bedsheets. The teaser image they provided would appear to reveal what they have in mind.

If you're in Moscow this weekend, there are probably worse ways to spend a couple of hours.

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