Paranormal Activity VR studio is also working on a Mission: Impossible VR game

Good news for anyone who's ever dreamed of being a real-life Ethan Hunt but doesn't have the stomach for flying bullets, vicious fistfights, ear-shattering explosions, and premature death: As reported by VR Focus, Virtual reality developer VRWerx, the studio behind the Paranormal Activity VR game that made Tim scream like a schoolgirl, is working with Paramount Pictures on a VR game based on the Mission: Impossible movie series. 

“Virtual Reality is the perfect platform to offer fans a truly immersive experience of being part of the exciting Mission: Impossible franchise,” Paramount Worldwide Licensing president LeeAnne Stables said. “Like Paranormal Activity, this VRWerx Mission: Impossible game will be a fully-interactive VR game and we know consumers will love the premise of playing as a smart and daring Mission IMF agent.” 

One of the most limiting factors of VR games is movement, which is difficult to simulate in a fully immersive environment. VRWerx co-managing partner Alex Barder said the studio has it covered, however, with a "proprietary movement system [that] enables us to innovate running, climbing, fighting, and many other impossible stunts the fabled franchise inspires.” That will presumably work in a fashion similar to the system we described in our Paranormal Activity preview, in which "you orientate yourself with your head and then use the touchpad on the controller to slide forwards, backwards and sideways." 

VRWerx said the new Mission Impossible VR games will support the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and will feature "an original storyline inspired by the classic spy movie franchise." How the hell they're going to do the abseiling is anyone's guess at this point. A release date has not been set. 

Andy Chalk

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