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Overwatch 'Year of the Rooster' is coming next week

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Blizzard has just announced "Year of the Rooster," which looks to be the next Overwatch event. It's due January 24, and other than the Mei skin included in the promotional image (which I'm sure is the new Legendary Blizzard promised in December) and the frankly excellent D.Va skin shown below, nothing more has been revealed. If I'm stretching, those red envelopes could take the place of loot boxes, or possibly be a new seasonal microtransaction.

With Winter Wonderland having ended just a few weeks ago at the turn of 2017, it's surprising to see a follow-up so soon. Until now, Blizzard had run a seasonal event about every two months—Summer Games (August 2-22), Halloween Terror (October 11-November 1), and Winter Wonderland (December 13-January 2). As you can notice, each of these have run for about three weeks, so we can expect Year of the Rooster to end in mid-February. I guess this rules out the possibility of a Valentine's Day update.

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