Overwatch unveils its next hero, the robotic Echo

After first teasing the character last year, Blizzard's finally revealed Overwatch's next hero. It's another robotic hero, this time invented by one of the creators of the omnics to "help the world." Check out Echo's origin story above. 

Aside from the brief reveal, Blizzard's keeping quiet, so we'll have to wait to find out what tricks are up those mechanical sleeves. 

Echo first appeared in a McCree cinematic all the way back in 2018, with the gunslinger rescuing the robot from some train robbers, including Ashe and Bob. Echo's pretty important, it turns out. "We're getting the band back together," says McCree. "They want me, but really, they need you."

Earlier in the week, Blizzard posted a personal log belonging to Dr. Mina Liao, who helped found Overwatch after the omnic disaster. She's the only founder not in the game, but the personal log suggested she might be the next hero. That's half true, as she created Echo to be an echo of herself. It looks like she died in an explosion, leaving her robot behind to carry on her mission. 

Echo will be available in Overwatch soon, according to Blizzard, so keep an eye out for details on her abilities and playstyle. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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