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Overwatch players are already doing ridiculous things with Wrecking Ball

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Overwatch's new hero, Wrecking Ball, is a cute little hamster piloting a giant spherical mech. He hit the PTR servers (like a wrecking ball) yesterday, so players have been putting him through his paces. Our own Samuel Horti reckons he's the most inventive hero to date (opens in new tab), and players certainly have been 'inventing' the hell out of some strategies over on the Overwatch subreddit (opens in new tab)

Wrecking Ball's entire ability kit (opens in new tab) is pretty interesting, but to the surprise of no one, players have zeroed in on his grappling hook and are now racing to break every map in Overwatch. Here are just a few shortcuts that have been found so far: 

Via Derrydude (opens in new tab) 

Via zachzwp (opens in new tab) 

 Via ow_jaybee (opens in new tab) 

Via koen967 (opens in new tab) 

Of course, other players have also taken Wrecking Ball into custom matches to goof around with his abilities. With cooldowns disabled, his grappling hook turns him into spherical Spider-Man.  

Via dontreadthis0 (opens in new tab) (oh crap, I read this) 

Via AltalRRR (opens in new tab) 

Via JinkoNorray (opens in new tab) 

You can attach Wrecking Ball's grappling to basically anything, including the payload, as Pirupanda (opens in new tab) demonstrates here:   

Warumwolf (opens in new tab) had a similar idea, but executed it with a bit more… gusto:  

Other players brought the same strategy to objectives:  

Via Pharah_is_my_waIfu (opens in new tab) (excellent choice) 

Via AWPen_Fire (opens in new tab) 

It's an amazingly stupid idea that actually works, so players have also been hard at work on Wrecking Ball countermeasures. Here, GreasyJeeves (opens in new tab) puts Mei's Ice Wall to good use: 

I can't wait to see what pro players do with Wrecking Ball. He's a frighteningly mobile tank, and his Piledriver ability, which sends opponents high into the air, will definitely make for some fun highlights. Personally, I hope to see an underdog team cheese out a win by spinning around the payload. Bastion payload riders would be proud.  

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