Overwatch is just $12 as part of the latest Humble Monthly bundle

The folks over at Humble have unveiled the early unlock game for October's Humble Monthly bundle: Overwatch, which can be unlocked for the one-month subscription price of $12. That's a nice discount from the game's $40 street price, and even cheaper than Blizzard's relatively regular 50 percent off sale. 

Humble Monthly offers up a collection of games each month on a subscription-based system. Anyone who subscribes by October 5 will get a bundle of mystery games, and subscribing now grants immediate access to Overwatch. Last month's bundle included Rise of the Tomb Raider, Sniper Elite 4, Tales of Berseria, Staxel, Battle Chef Brigade, Darksiders II, and several others. 

It's a solid deal for 12 bucks, and you can cancel anytime while getting to keep any games you've unlocked. Subscribers also get a 10 percent discount on the Humble Store, and 5 percent of all proceeds (including Monthly subscriptions) is donated to charity.

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Bo Moore

As the former head of PC Gamer's hardware coverage, Bo was in charge of helping readers better understand and use PC hardware. He also headed up the buying guides, picking the best peripherals and components to spend your hard-earned money on. He can usually be found playing Overwatch, Apex Legends, or more likely, with his cats. He is now IGN's resident tech editor and PC hardware expert.