Overwatch 2 new fox hero cinematic leaks: Meet Kiriko

Overwatch 2 fox hero
(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

Update: The original YouTube upload of Kiriko's unfinished short has been copyright claimed by Blizzard and taken down. We've removed it from the story and replaced it with a tweet about it below. The video is still up (for now) on this Streamable link courtesy of Reddit user TrumpCruz. The video is currently available on Daily Motion with the password "overwatch". You can watch the video here, but it probably won't last long like all of the others.

Original story: An unfinished version of what appears to be the cinematic for Overwatch 2's upcoming support hero has leaked onto YouTube.

YouTube user Kuriboh cervantes (who says they're not affiliated with Blizzard) uploaded an unfinished Spanish version of the cinematic which appears to be authentic. Many scenes in the cinematic are in-progress renders with what seems to be non-final voice acting and sounds. The video is titled "Kiriko Overwatch 2 leaked short", which lines up with the hero name also used in a now-removed listing for the game's Watchpoint Pack earlier this week.

In it, we see the green-haired Kiriko clash with the Hashimoto clan, the game's version of the Yakuza, which was introduced in a story blog post last year. She attacks them with two knives and seems to be able to use healing powers. She also appears to teleport freely around the space, which could indicate a Moira-like escape ability. Near the end of the short, she summons ghostly blue torii gates that appear to strengthen and speed up Kiriko and her allies—which resembles the sort of power you'd see in an ultimate ability.

Blizzard teased a fox hero at the tail end of its Overwatch 2 release date trailer during the Microsoft & Bethesda showcase in June. And at the end of its second beta, the studio sent out an encoded message that read: "what does the fox say".

Kiriko will be the game's 35th hero and, if the leaks are true, might be locked behind a free battle pass tier. Blizzard has plans to release three to four new heroes and maps every year, alternating between each one with nine-week seasons.

Overwatch 2 will launch on October 4.

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