Our favorite Overwatch merch

With more than 25 million players, it's hard to believe that Overwatch has only been out for less than a year. People love playing it, people love watching it, and the range of characters is a cosplayer's dream. It's also spawned an array of fantastic merch, from official statues and vinyls, to handmade replicas of the eccentric cast's outfits and weaponry. We've found some of the best items on the Internet, and below, we'll tell you where to find them. 

Reaper statue

Price: $150

With this hand painted 12-inch statue available on the Blizzard Gear store, now death can actually walk among you. Well, it can stand and look menacing among you, at least.

Now that we've got that 'edgy' figure box checked, let's move on to an adorable one.

Nendoroid Tracer

Price: $50

This Nendoroid of Overwatch's cover girl Tracer comes with optional parts to add effects to her speedy abilities, plus she has interchangeable legs, and various hair options. Grab your very own Tracer on Amazon.

Lucio spray t-shirt

Price: $19

You're usually disappointed when you get a bunch of sprays in a loot box, but this one from Amazon would look pretty good in your wardrobe. People out on the street might not even know you're wearing an Overwatch t-shirt, but you can share a knowing glance with people who do play. 

D.Va gun replica

Price: £65

D.Va's out-of-suit, fast-firing pistol is surprisingly effective. You can get a handmade replica for cosplay, or just to display around your home, on Etsy

Overwatch movie posters

Price: $45-75

We've all spent time looking at these posters on the Hollywood map while waiting for the match to start. Now you can look at them on your own walls at home too. The whole range is available on Hero Complex Gallery

Cute but Deadly vinyls

Price: $10-20

Blizzard's own set of vinyl figures can be found in a number of ways. The main way is to get a blind box from the Blizzard store. For $10 you'll get a randomly selected character. Alternatively, you can go after the specific ones you want by paying around $20 on Amazon Marketplace or eBay. 

Winston plush

Price: $30

Everyone knows Winston is the cuddliest Overwatch character when he's not electrocuting you with a tesla barrage or ripping your arms off in a primal rage.  This plush doll proves his huggability. He's 11 inches tall and can be found on the Blizzard Gear store

Overwatch Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard

Price: $176

The Razer Blackwidow Chroma was, until recently, our favorite high end gaming keyboard. This one comes with an Overwatch logo above the numpad, and the  keycaps have the recognizable Overwatch font. The cheapest you'll find one right now is on Amazon

Overwatch Razer DeathAdder Chroma mouse

Price: $80

And to go with that keyboard, you can also get one of our favorite gaming mice, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma from the Blizzard store. Instead of the standard Razer black and green you'll get the Overwatch orange, black, and white. Plus the Overwatch logo emblazoned where the Razer logo would normally be. 

Zenyatta duvet cover

Price: £56

When you go to bed, you need a little calm, a little relaxation, a little... tranquillity. Who better to send you off to dream-land than Zenyatta, the omnic master of soothing? You can find this duvet cover over on Redbubble

Tracer / Widowmaker leggings

Price: $40

Overwatch cosplay becomes simple when Blizzard basically does it for you. You'll find fantastic looking leggings on the Blizzard store for both Tracer and Widowmaker. Time control powers sadly not included.

Overwatch snapback baseball hat

Price: $20

Much like Soldier: 76, this snapback is simple, yet effective. Get yourself a nice black hat emblazoned with the Overwatch logo over on Amazon

D.Va / Sombra varsity jackets

Price: £40-42

All kinds of cool stuff can be found on Etsy, including these great handmade varsity-style Overwatch jackets. Right now you can find one for D.Va, and there's also a slightly more expensive Sombra one available which comes with a hood. 

Soldier: 76 Statue

Price: $79

There are still plenty of Collector's Editions of Overwatch available on Amazon, and they all come with a rather impressive 12.8-inch Soldier: 76 statue included. It's a good way to go if you haven't bought the game yet, too, as you get in-game items across a range of Blizzard games.

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