Orwell: Ignorance is Strength release date set

Osmotic Studios and Surprise Attack Games' 2016 "surveillance thriller" Orwell took an interesting if novel look at totalitarian observation. Openly inspired by the current fake news phenomenon and social media echo chambers, its second chapter—named Ignorance is Strength—aims to go deeper than before. It's also got a launch date: February 22. 

Similar to its forerunner, Ignorance is Strength will adopt an episodic release schedule with 'Thesis' arriving on the 22nd of this month, 'Antithesis' due March 8, and concluding chapter 'Synthesis' expected on March 22. 

A new trailer marks the announcement. Observe (no pun intended) below:

With the promise of a "darker tone" against its predecessor, Ignorance is Strength charges players with playing with or uncovering "the truth", as they determine how far they're willing to go in service of their country. Expect a new time-of-day system and new time-sensitive mechanics along the way, as players dig deeper into the lives of the game's NPCs.  

Here's Surprise Attack with the skinny:

Inducted into “The Office”, a top-secret department of the government’s Orwell security program, players take on the role of an investigative agent during a time when civil unrest threatens a major political crisis between the Nation and neighboring country Parges.

Reporting directly to Orwell adviser, Ampleford, players are immediately tasked with uncovering the truth behind the escalating political tension and delving deep into the lives of Raban Vhart, editor of The People’s Voice and self-proclaimed guardian of truth, his wife, Karen, and his brother, Ilya, to uncover their potential involvement.

Surprise Attack notes purchasing Orwell: Ignorance is Strength unlocks all three episodes at any time. More information can be found via the game's Steam page