Orcs Must Die 3: Tipping the Scales DLC slithers out today

Lay down your spike traps and prepare for a new type of horde, as Orcs Must Die 3's DLC Tipping the Scales pours angry lizard men all over your PC.

Tipping the Scales introduces a whole new race to the comical tower defence. The Tuatara are a colourful reptilian race whose hardened scales apparently limit the amount of damage they take. Within the Tuatara's cold-blooded throngs is a new enemy type, the Tuatara Assassin, who can sneakily avoid your traps.

You'll fight these scaly foes across five new levels, which includes a new War Scenario (basically a bumper sized OMD level with bigger traps and siege engines) called Untrained Grounds. This is apparently inspired by the Training Grounds from Orcs Must Die Unchained (I smell some clever asset re-use). Tipping the Scales also adds a few new weapons and traps, such as the "Hand Gatling" weapon, which is a sort-of one-armed minigun, and the Briar Patch trap, which literally forces your enemies to drag themselves through a hedge, though not necessarily backward.

There are also four Endless Maps, a couple of new skins, and six new achievements, all of which'll set you back $7.99. The paid DLC launches alongside a free update that adds two new Endless Mode Maps, some new features to Scramble Mode, and a sprinkling of bug fixes.

You can see Tipping the Scales in action in the trailer above. Veteran orc-botherer Jeremy was delighted by Robot Entertainment's threequel when he reviewed it last year. I wasn't quite so enamoured with it in my own playthrough, but it's a decent romp, and the DLC looks like an enjoyable addition.