Operation Flashpoint: Red River screenshots show lovely sunsets and WAR

Operation Flashpoint Red River thumb

Codemasters have thrown out 12 exceedingly pretty screens for Operation Flashpoint: Red River. You may have spotted a few of them in our Operation Flashpoint: Red River preview , but a few more have been released as well. The engine seems to be good at two things in particular: huge environments and sunsets. It might be sensible to use the cover of darkness, but it'd be worth launching attacks early to see those blazing evening skies. Also featured: men with guns, running, and shooting.

It might look realistic, but it sounds as though Codemasters are shying away from Operation Flashpoint's hardcore military sim roots. Recently creative director on the game, Sion Lenton told us that military simulations are “immersive” and “realistic” but not necessarily “fun.”

“If you want simulation, then it's out there; go play ArmA," he said, adding "we wanted to do something different, in our own space, and we don't want the Op Flash brand tied down to simulation.”

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is due out on April 26. Click on the screenshots below to see them full size.

Tom Senior

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