Open-world adventure Pine goes into beta on the Kartridge storefront

You may remember Kickstarter success Pine from a couple of years ago—it's the sandbox game by indie studio Twirlbound where animals have "lives, goals and quests of their own". You play a member of a struggling tribe working to find a place in the food chain as part of a simulated ecology of competing creatures.

As of today it's available in a limited beta via Kartridge, which is webgame portal/moblie publisher Kongregate's storefront. For $20 you get into the beta and also get the full game when it comes out, at which point it will cost $25 and also be available on Steam.

Kartridge is a digital storefront that Kongregate launched in late 2018, focused on indie games and with a suite of features like chat, achievements, and user levels. It does without manual approval processes and application fees, using an internal editorial team to curate and highlight games.

The final version of Pine will launch on October 10.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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