Oops: CPU coolers recalled for not cooling CPUs

Fractal Design Recall AIO
(Image credit: Fractal Design)

Hardware manufacturer Fractal Design is halting sales and issuing a recall of its Lumen AIO-series watercoolers following "user reports of an increase in CPU temperatures." 

Two factors may be causing the spike in CPU temperatures, according to Fractal Design (via HotHardware): the "soldering material used in the aluminum radiator" and "impurities introduced during manufacturing." 

The company says that these elements may cause "a reaction with the chemical composition of the cooling fluid," which can lead to "sediment build-up" in the CPU block, causing an increase in CPU temperatures. It says that Lumen AIOs that don't have any thermal issues are still safe to use, but that it will pull them all from store shelves until quality standards improve.

Fractal Design added that it will be "working on a new version with an updated radiator and a new liquid formula, produced following revised processes and guidelines for assembly."

Last year, Fractal Design had to recall the fan hub of its Torrent Case because of an issue that could potentially cause a short circuit. Fractal was quick to handle that situation. 

Fractal Design is asking any customers with potentially affected AIO coolers to fill out this webform to request a replacement; all you need to do is track down the serial number of the Lumen located on the short side of the radiator. It hopes to send replacements out to customers, distributors, and resellers in about six weeks. 


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