OnLive aims to bring PC gaming to HDTVs and tablets, will get a UK release in Autumn


The cloud gaming OnLive service will celebrate the release of the 100th game on the platform at E3 next Tuesday. Red Faction: Armageddon will join the growing list of games that can streamed directly from the OnLive servers. The $10 a month play-all-you-want bundle now consists of 60 games, including Homefront multiplayer, Just Cause 2 and Borderlands, and the service now has the backing of more than 40 publishers. All in all, it's been a pretty impressive first year for the world's first cloud gaming service, and OnLive is set to grow even further.

Partnerships with companies like Vizio, HTC and Intel ensure that almost any smartphone, tablet and HDTV with an Intel chip will have built-in support for OnLive. To make playing OnLive's wide range of games easier, there are plans to release a wireless universal controller that will work with any compatible device.

The upshot is that you should be able to stream a game of Just Cause 2 to your HDTV or tablet, and use the wireless controller to play it. The Universal Wireless Controller will be shown at the E3 conference next week.

After successful trials in the US, OnLive will be spreading across the Atlantic, arriving in the UK this Autumn. During E3, OnLive UK Founding Member signups will go live, offering a year of the service free to early adopters. There are plans to spread OnLive to more countries after the UK release. For more information on the service, head over to the official OnLive site .

Tom Senior

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