Onimusha is coming to PC in early 2019

Elderly PS2 game Onimusha: Warlords is coming to PC on 15 January 2019, Capcom revealed today. You can watch a trailer above.

Capcom promises high-definition graphics, a widescreen display option, support for analogue sticks (the 2001 original didn't have this, if I recall) and a new soundtrack. You can also play on easy mode from the start, whereas the original only offered the option after you'd died a bunch of times. It'll cost $20, and while the feature list there isn't particularly exciting to me, I'm sure some completionists will welcome the chance to own it on PC.

Onimusha, in case you weren't there during the early, game-starved days of the PS2 that preceded the release of GTA 3 in 2001, was a Resident Evil-like game that swapped guns for big swords and zombies for blade-wielding monsters. It featured a similar blend of fixed camera angles, puzzles and combat. While the first entry was pretty good, the second, which features one of the best examples of a branching story I've ever seen in a game, is something of an unsung masterpiece. Fingers crossed the rest of the series comes over, then. Somehow there were five Onimusha titles released on home consoles in six years back in the PS2 era, before the series vanished with Dawn of Dreams in 2006. 

This isn't the first time that Onimusha has come to PC. According to the PC Gaming Wiki, a version launched just in Asia and Russia back in 2003. Onimusha 3, meanwhile, came to PC back in 2006, and got a 73% score from the UK magazine for its trouble.

Capcom has up-and-down form with re-releases on PC. I thought the Devil May Cry trilogy port felt pretty cheap, for example, while Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 got a thumbs-up from Tyler last year. I guess we'll see which side this falls on.

Samuel Roberts
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