How to unlock fast travel in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey fast travel - a Crab Mover
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Fast travel in One Piece Odyssey is pretty useful when you're running around Waford and Memoria's many regions completing story quests and hunting for treasure. But even in RPG terms, Odyssey is a slow-moving game, and it takes you around 10 hours before you've encountered the majority of its mechanics.

Wandering around the island, you will have spotted those signs featuring a Yoisa logo, and might have surmised that these are fast travel points—as with how to change outfits, the game can sometimes take its sweet time with tutorials. That said, here's how you unlock fast travel in One Piece Odyssey.

How to unlock One Piece Odyssey fast travel

You won't be able to fast travel in One Piece Odyssey until fairly far into the game. In chapter two you'll visit Alabasta and have to head across the Ravine of No Return and the desert to find Vivi. After you find the giant river of sand blocking your path and head to the oasis, a Yoisa will steal Nami's wallet and you'll need to chase it down. Defeat its friends and it'll offer to help you fast travel across the map using its Yoisa Signs. Once activated, these signs can be used to fast travel around. Just open the map and press J to use them.

The second way to fast travel is via the Crab Mover. In the Great Sandy Desert you might have spotted signs similar to the Yoisa ones, but with a crab symbol instead. Once you return from beating the big Banana Gator in the cave north of the Great Sandy Desert Oasis as part of the main story, you'll meet the crab you saved from the Sandora Dragons earlier. It'll agree to help you cross the sandy river to the Rain Dinners casino. From then on, you'll be able to call the Crab Mover at its signs to carry you to different regions.

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