One of the coolest feature-rich QLED TVs is under $1,000 right now

Samsung TV deal.
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Upgrade your living room by entering the beautifully colorful world of QLED TVs. Samsung has an impressive Memorial Day sale on many of its TVs this year, but it's this 50-inch Samsung Neo QLED TV from 2021 you should be thinking about adding to your cart. It's selling for $899.

Samsung is taking $600 off its Samsung Neo QLED QN90A. These TVs don't come cheap compared to most other 4K TVs, and that's because of the super bright mini-LEDs Samsung uses. If that's not enough, there's the Neo Quantum CPU that uses AI deep learning to optimize the 4K signal to look its best. 

Gamers will be happy to know they can enjoy 4K gaming at 120Hz with this model. One unique feature Samsung included is the ability to play games up to a 32:9 ultrawide aspect ratio which is pretty unheard of on televisions. The 'game bar' is loaded with features you'd usually find in a gaming monitor like FPS counters, wireless headset settings, and input lag monitoring. 

Another wild feature is multi-view; it's picture-in-picture where you can stream media from your phone alongside whatever you're watching on TV. Are TVs basically PCs now?

Samsung Neo QN904 QLED 4K Smart TV |  50-Inch | 4K |120Hz | QLED | $1499 $899 at Samsung (save $600)

Samsung Neo QN904 QLED 4K Smart TV |  50-Inch | 4K |120Hz | QLED | $1499 $899 at Samsung (save $600)
If you're looking to class up your living room with a fancy TV, the Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV is one of the coolest-looking TVs out there. This super-thin TV has incredible picture quality for movies and games thanks to its Neo Quantum CPU that enhances 4K images. Throw in 120Hz and you've got yourself a hell of a gaming TV. 

Again, this is last year's model, which is why it's such a good deal. Larger sizes of the 2022 version of this same TV, from 55 inches to 85 inches, are also $600 off. So if you're looking to go bigger, you've got some options.

Samsung's Neo QLED is an excellent TV for movies and games. I'm a big fan of a thin bezel, and quite frankly, if you mount this in your living room, it looks like a cool piece of art. And it has more than enough features to keep us picky gamers happy. 

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