One of our favorite racing wheels is currently $70 off

Thrustmaster TMX wheel
(Image credit: Thrustmaster)

Racing games can be a lot of fun with a normal controller, but they can be even more fun with a big ol' wheel on your desk. The Thrustmaster TMX is one of our top picks for the best PC racing wheel, and now it's on sale for $130, a savings of $70 off the usual price.

This racing wheel is built for both Xbox consoles and PC, so regardless of your platform of choice, you can upgrade your racing experience—as long as the games you're playing are built with racing wheels in mind (like Forza and Assetto Corsa). The wheel is 11 inches in diameter, and you can rotate it 900° before stopping.

THRUSTMASTER TMX Racing Wheel | $129.99 (save $70)

THRUSTMASTER TMX Racing Wheel | $129.99 (save $70)
This entry-level wheel is a great way to upgrade your race simulator games without spending hundreds of dollars. It normally goes for $200, but it's currently on sale for $130.

This is Thrustmaster's cheapest wheel with force feedback and pedals, so it's a great way to get some of the benefits of a dedicated racing setup without spending several hundred dollars. However, the package on sale doesn't include a gear shift or a clutch pedal.

If this wheel isn't quite what you're looking for, have a look at our roundup of the best PC racing wheels. We've tested some of the most popular wheels and picked out the best options at every price point.

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