One of Fallout 4's most ambitious mods just got delayed to get out the way of Starfield

Fallout: London, a full conversion mod for Fallout 4 that transports players across the pond to the capital of the UK, has been delayed. Instead of releasing in Q3 of this year—that's the Q after this one, if you're not sure—it will now release sometime in Q4, meaning October or after.

"Now you might be wondering, 'Why so late?'" said Fallout: London project lead Prilladog, "well, initially, we had hoped for it to be in the third quarter … however, a certain space game got delayed and is now scheduled to come out around the same time we had planned".

That game, of course, is Starfield. Bethesda's RPG has, appropriately enough, become a bit of a black hole lurking at the heart of September, prompting all sorts of studios to scramble out of its orbit. "This not only gives you all more time to play Starfield," said Prilladog, "but also allows us more time for playtesting and bug fixing, so it's a win/win situation".

Generally, the projects that want to get out of the way of a big Bethesda release are games from other studios—you know, things that want to make a profit—rather than mods, but I can't blame the Fallout: London devs for thinking they might get eclipsed by a goliath release that scratches a lot of the same itches their mod does.

Frankly, I'm happy to give the Fallout: London team as much time as it needs. We once said that the mod was the best announcement of E3 2021, and I'm still convinced that's true. So far, it's looked like a fantastically entertaining transplant of the Fallout formula, featuring working trains, mailbox murderbots, and even WW1-era armaments. No King Charles or Queen Elizabeth zombies, tragically, but hey, maybe that's one for Fallout: Norfolk.

Joshua Wolens
News Writer

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