Fallout: London mod shows off working trains, mailbox murderbots

Of all the ambitious Fallout 4 mods in the works, I think I'm most excited for Fallout: London, which will finally give us a look at how the UK handles the post-apocalypse. And the Fallout: London mod team isn't just hard at work crafting an entirely new map, characters, and quests—they also regularly take time to give fans progress updates, like the one above that kicks off the new year.

In the video you can see some of the fun features planned, which include several dangerous-looking new robots, a well-dressed and wealthy gang you'll have to contend with, and some of the local irradiated wildlife. Oh, and there are trains you can actually ride through London. Working trains!

According to the team, the moving trains shown in an earlier trailer were actually cheated by creating "sideways elevators," but when the mod launches you'll be able to ride these trains through the world, from one station to another. It's not just a matter of stepping onboard and then seeing a loading screen, either: you legitimately ride them around. You can even get into fights while the train is in motion, and if you stand on the tracks you might be hit by a train and die. Hooray!

Later in the video we're introduced to some of Fallout: London's robotic menaces, most amusingly a killbot that's been crafted from the UK's iconic red post boxes and is armed with a claw on one arm and a circular saw on the other. At least you'll finally have a legitimate excuse for not sending letters back home. 

Another robot has been crafted from a naval mine, one of those big spiky metal balls you see in war movies. This mine isn't going to bob quietly in the water waiting for you, however. It has legs and it'll chase you down.

Postbox robot with weapons

(Image credit: Fallout: London mod)

There's more to the video, including a sampling of one of the mod's 100 music tracks, a look at some of the comic and magazine covers in the game, and even a creature called the mittenlurk: It's a lot like Fallout 4's mirelurk, though these evolved (via extreme radiation) from the Chinese mitten crab that's considered an invasive species in Europe. There's also a segment on one of Fallout: London's factions, the Isle of the Dog Syndicate, dapper gangsters who are described as "something in between the London Mafia and the Kray twins."

Fallout: London sure looks like it's shaping up nicely. Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer to get our mitts on it. You can find out more about it (or apply to join the mod team) at its official website

Christopher Livingston
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