Omensight is a time-looping action game about solving a murder

Montreal-based studio Spearhead Games, best known for the action RPG Stories: The Path of Destinies, announced their next game today: Omensight, a "time-looping mystery action game" which serves as a "spiritual successor" to Stories, according to this FAQ

Omensight puts players in the shoes of the time-bending Harbinger and tasks them with solving a murder in the fantasy world of Urralia. The murder kickstarted Urralia's destruction, you see, and you've got to crack the case and prevent it.

As the Harbinger, players can manipulate time to see events from different perspectives and follow different characters connected to the murder. "Appear alongside them during their final moments to learn how their decisions unfold, or confront them and foil their plans," Omensight's reveal trailer description reads. Some of these characters can also become companions. 

Your sleuthing also involves some slashing, mind. You're a pivotal player in several stories, and when those stories call for action, Spearhead reckons you'll need to "make use of the Harbinger's sword techniques and creatively combine time-slowing spells." Spearhead says there are over 12 bosses and 20 enemies in Omensight, with the game itself clocking in at 12 to 20 hours long by their estimate.

The teaser trailer above doesn't give us much of a sense of how Omensight will play, but we do know it's built in Unreal Engine 4. Spearhead plans to release Omensight on PC "very soon." 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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