Old School Runescape player scores 16 billion gold for PvP kill

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C Engineer (opens in new tab) is an Old School Runescape streamer who started an ironman run two years ago, asking his viewers to donate money to a prize pool to be claimed by whoever managed to kill him. It was initially a "hardcore ironman" run but he dropped the hardcore element after dying in a boss fight, intending to end the series only if he managed to earn an infernal cape (opens in new tab), or died to another player. The latter finally happened this month. 

A team of five players tracked C Engineer down so that Westham (opens in new tab) could score the kill and earn 16 billion gold, the largest bounty in the history of Old School Runescape.

As GamesRadar (opens in new tab) points out, C Engineer made things more interesting by playing exclusively in PvP worlds: "Ordinarily, players can only fight each other in designated Wilderness zones or special arenas, but as the name implies, PvP worlds basically turn the whole game world into one giant Wilderness where you can be attacked anywhere."

Westham's squad knew which world C Engineer was playing on, something he'd never made secret, and that he was farming a level 725 boss called Zulrah (opens in new tab). That meant they could watch all his potential exits to coordinate their attack, but only after first defeating every other PvPer who was gathered to compete for the bounty.

With that done, they found C Engineer heading to a ship, cast a spell to prevent him from teleporting away, and launched their ambush. Westham struck the killing blow, ending the 32-episode challenge run. There's a great moment in their video (opens in new tab) where the team are celebrating and you can hear one of the other players return after a short absence, having completely missed the battle. "I was just making my tea," he says by way of explanation. 

All five PvPers—Westham, Eriksnnn, Pimpact, Pip, and Skrib—will split the bounty, taking away 3.2 billion gold each.

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