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Offworld Trading Company's multiplayer mode is going free for everyone

If the life of a Martian mogul sounds intriguing but you're not quite ready to commit to it wholeheartedly, an upcoming multiplayer client update for the interplanetary corporate warfare RTS Offworld Trading Company might be just the thing. It will enable players who don't own the game to play it anyway—against each other—for free. 

The free multiplayer mode will be released alongside new DLC called Market Corrections, which digs into the story of why Earth needed to colonize Mars in the first place. (In case you're not able to figure it for yourself out by watching the news, I guess.) It will add three new single-player campaigns featuring three unique CEOs, along with 12 new maps based on real locations on Mars.   

Alas, while the Offworld Trading Company multiplayer update is free, Market Corrections is not: It'll set you back $4 on Steam. Both are set to come out on February 28.