Obsidian’s Tyranny looks wonderful in new behind-the-scenes dev diary

Tyranny—the forthcoming high fantasy RPG that’s being developed by Obsidian —bucks the standard genre trend of portraying an empowered Good battling a merciless Evil. Instead, it takes place in the aftermath of conflict in something Chris described as “like a sequel to a game we haven't played or a story we've never read.” The source of that fresh-familiarity dichotomy is explored in the latest developer diary which reveals how Tyranny’s world and characters are brought to life. 

“You can tell a lot about a person from just the glimmer behind their eyes and so that’s the thing I really try to go after first,” explains Tyranny’s concept artist B.R. Guthrie below. “I try to make each one of those their own special character.” 

Speaking to Guthrie’s work (which features around the 1.20 mark above), art director Brian Menze offers a brief insight into he and his team’s creative process. “I’d love to say I art directed that,” he says. “But it’s one of those moments where you allow an artist to be creative, and they give you something back that’s more than expected. Look at that dude!” To which he’s referring to this:

Tyranny is due at some point before the end of this year—Chris’ conversation with the devs at GDC earlier this year should tell you everything you need to know before then.