Obsidian working on a "unique next generation game", possibly not the one I'm thinking of

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When they're not finding major success on Kickstarter (opens in new tab) , creating the first ever promising South Park (opens in new tab) game, or having their projects pulled out from under them, Obsidian somehow find the time to start work on new games, in this case a title for the next generation of consoles - also known as the current/future/always gen of PC. What do we know about it? *Sad trombone noise*. BUT it appears to be a game with "missions/quests, scripted sequences, encounters, challenges and rewards", as revealed in a couple (opens in new tab) of job listings (opens in new tab) .

Let's dash the hopes of everyone who loved Fallout: New Vegas before they get too excited: it's almost certainly not Fallout 4. By all accounts, Bethesda are developing that in-house. It could be a New Vegas-type deal, however, or even Alpha Protocol 2 - although the second one is admittedly much less likely. Whatever the case, it will be good to see Obsidian tackling an "AAA" game again - as of Dungeon Siege III, they even seem to have sorted out their perennial bug problem.

If you're interested in applying, and you're not woefully under-qualified like me, head here (opens in new tab) to apply for the Level Designer position (you'll need "a love of role-playing and action games") and here (opens in new tab) for the chance to be their UI/User Experience Artist.

Thanks to OXM (opens in new tab) .

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