NZXT’s Kraken X72 is the company’s first 360mm all-in-one liquid cooler

Prior to today, NZXT's line of liquid coolers did not include any 360mm models. Now it has exactly one, the Kraken X72, its newest all-in-one liquid cooler with more than 33 percent more surface area than a typical 240mm AIO cooler.

Before now, the largest AIO cooler NZXT built was the Kraken X62, which has a 280mm radiator. Same goes for the Kraken X61, which I've been using in my main build for a bit more than two years now. NZXT said its community has been asking the company to build a more powerful solution for higher TDP processors, and that's how the Kraken X72 came to be.

In addition to offering more surface area, NZXT says it tweaked the pump to run quieter while displacing more liquid than previous generation models. And because it's physically larger, the Kraken X72 has three Aer P 120mm fans instead of two. These are high static pressure fans with chamfered intakes and exhausts, and winglet designed blades that are supposed to improve drag efficiency.

While not required, NZXT's coolers are designed to work with its CAM software. All of NZXT's Kraken's coolers have customizable presets to balance cooling performance with noise levels. You can also control the LED lighting on the pump.

The Kraken X72 will is available to preorder for $200 and will ship later this month. It's backed by a 6-year warranty.

NZXT also added a smaller, more affordable AIO cooler to its lineup, the Kraken M22. The M22 kicks off the company's new Kraken M series, which aims to deliver the same cooling performance as some of the higher end models, but with less features and friendlier pricing.

Unlike the X models in the Kraken line, the Kraken M22 (and presumably future Kraken M coolers as well) does not include any built-in fan controls or liquid cooling monitors. Instead, users can plug the cooler into a PWM fan header on their motherboard or buy a separate fan controller. Alternately, some of NZXT's cases include built-in smart controllers, like the H700i, H400i, and H200i, that work with CAM.

The Kraken M22 is a smaller 120mm AIO liquid cooler. Usually coolers of this size are mounted to the rear of the case in place of whatever exhaust fan might be included.

You can preorder the Kraken M22 as well, with pricing set at $100. The warranty is half as long on this one compared to the Kraken X72, with coverage lasting for 3 years.

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