NZXT's excellent H500i PC case is a steal at $56 with free shipping

NZXT's excellent H500i PC case is on sale for $56 with free shipping right now
The H500i is a steal at this discounted price. (Image credit: NZXT)

It was right around this time a year ago when we compared NZXT's H500 to the higher end and pricier H500i, in an effort to help you decide which one to buy. At the time, the H500 sold for $76.99 and the H500i ran $109.99. And now? You can snag the H500i for a ridiculously low $56.24 direct from NZXT, with free shipping to boot. That makes it cheaper than Corsair's Carbide 275R, our pick as the best PC case in the budget category.

The H500i has actually dropped in price since last year, dipping to $74.99. You're still saving a decent chunk of change, though, and getting a great case at spectacular price. And you can choose between three color options: matte white, matte black, and matte black and red.


NZXT H500i Mid-Tower PC Case | $56.24 (save $18.75)
This same case sold for nearly twice as much a year ago. While the MSRP has since come down, this deal makes it an even more enticing buy, and is the lowest price we have seen for this case.

The H500 and H500i are both nice cases with many of the same features. Both are mid-towers made from steel with a tempered glass side window, they are relatively lightweight, and they each offer ample clearance for up to a 280mm all-in-one liquid cooling radiator.

Where the H500i separates itself is by including RGB lighting and a smart controller that works with NZXT's CAM software. The controller features three fan channels (10W per channel) and an RGB LED port supporting four Hue+ LED strips or five of NZXT's Aer RGB fans (note that the RGB channel is not compatible with Hue 2 RGB accessories and Aer RGB 2 fans).

In short, the H500i remains a great case, and an even easier recommendation at just $56 and change.

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