Nvidia's RTX Voice noise removal is now integrated into OBS streaming software

RTX voice comes to OBS Streamlabs
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Nvidia announced yesterday (via The Verge) that the Nvidia Broadcast app's Noise Removal feature—once known as RTX Voice—will be coming to OBS software as a native feature. This is great news for streamers and content creators using the free software, as it cuts out the need to use the Nvidia Broadcast app as a middleman altogether.

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Nvidia Broadcast software has given users a bunch of neat AI-powered features that can be turned on at the flick of a switch. You can track head movements with the Auto Frame feature, and remove backdrops without a green screen using Virtual Background. 

The apps Noise Removal feature was originally available only for RTX 2060 GPUs and above, but has since become available for any GeForce graphics card. The feature grants the ability to reduce background noise from audio inputs or outputs, and is highly effective at what it does, but was limited in use through the Broadcast app.

Rolling out with the new beta version of OBS Studio 27 and supported through Nvidia’s latest game-ready drivers, this new native integration will streamline the process of setting up noise cancellation in OBS. Hopefully, it'll remove some of the hassle from streaming workflows, making it possible to access the features settings through OBS, without having to go through the Nvidia Broadcast app. 

One less app to juggle while trying to stream!

The news comes alongside Nvidia's announcement of a Mortal Shell RTX update, and a whole host of G-sync compatible monitors that have been officially certified, as well as some new toys for developers. 

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