Nvidia announces Titan X: 12 GB VRAM, 8 billion transistors

Nvidia Titan X Case

Update: We've added a photo of the GTX Titan X from the show floor at GDC. We'll learn more about the card in the coming weeks. Original story below.

At Epic founder Tim Sweeney's State of Unreal talk from GDC this morning, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang came to the stage to announce the Titan X, which he calls "most advanced GPU the world's ever seen."

It began as Sweeney lamented that achieving the potential of virtual reality and photorealistic graphics is going to require better GPUs. Huang joined him on stage, joking, "This GDC is about VR ... it needs an amazing GPU. And so the problem that I've got is this: If I launched our next generation GPU two weeks from now, GDC 2015 would be a bust. Now that's a legitimate problem—not just for me, that's a legitimate problem for the world."

Huang then unveiled the Titan X, boasting a 12 GB buffer and "8 billion transistors," and presented the first one off the line to Sweeney. We'll have more as the story develops. In the meantime, why not take a look at our Best Graphics Cards guide? No reason, that's why.


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