Nvidia announces next games to get the DLSS 3 treatment

At CES 2023, Nvidia announced that fantasy shooter Witchfire, well as the highly anticipated Atomic Heart, would both be getting DLSS 3.0 support at launch. 

Those aren't the only titles getting DLSS 3 support either. The keynote highlighted a handful of upcoming games that will take advantage of Nvidia's AI frame-boosting tech like Throne and Liberty, Warhaven, and SuperPeople. All games that feel like their titles were also AI-generated. 

DLSS 3 was announced back in September; it uses AI to generate new frames 'outside the graphics pipeline,' which can give a game up to a 4x frame rate boost. It creates new frames by processing current and previous frames using the RTX 40-series' new Optical Flow Accelerator for its AI-powered frame generation. 

DLSS 3 can take CPU-intensive games like Microsoft Flight Simulator and more than double the frame rate from around 60fps to 135fps which is pretty impressive for a game that's a tremendous resource hog. My personal favorite, Spider-Man Miles Morales, is shown running at nearly 200fps with raytracing on. 

Nvidia has confirmed that 50 current and future games will support DLSS 3.0. As of now, 17 games support DLSS 3. The keynote video shows off the new gameplay of Witchfire, Warhaven, and The Day Before. It ends with some pretty sick never-before-seen Atomic Heart footage featuring some Bioshock-esque gameplay.

DLSS 3 games are backward compatible, so those on older RTX hardware can still benefit from the tech. 

Nvidia expects the next major DLSS 3.0 update to drop 'later this quarter.' 


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Jorge Jimenez
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