Nuclear Dawn free this weekend on Steam, developers invite modders to get stuck in

Nuclear Dawn

The multiplayer shooter/RTS hybrid Nuclear Dawn is going to be free to play this weekend on Steam . Its inventive map design, diverse classes and a smart commander mode impressed us in our Nuclear Dawn review , and you'll get double experience for playing for free. It'll be on sale all weekend at 40% off, and if you buy before Sunday you'll get an exclusive P-900 sidearm (in the game). Free guns! Free shooting of guns! What's not to like?

Blue's News also note a few upcoming Nuclear Dawn updates, which will add some useful, playable training modes for both shooting and commanding. A new career stats page will keep track of your achievements and unlocks and the new Stealth Saboteur kit will add sticky grenades.

The developers have also invited modders to create a few new maps using Nuclear Dawn's free SDK. "InterWave continues upgrading Nuclear Dawn as well as working on an unannounced title and is currently on the lookout for new talent," reads a news post on the Nuclear Dawn site . Budding modders take note. The free weekend will last from December 1 to December 5.

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