Now you can play Resident Evil 2 as Ciri

Not content with playing the Resident Evil 2 remake as Barry Burton or 2B from Nier Automata? No worries, because now you can play as Ciri from The Witcher 3 instead.

This mod, via Wiwilz, replaces Claire with everyone's favorite witcheress and swaps out the combat knife for her sword Zireal. (Although the sword will still appear sheathed on her back while you're stabbing up a zombie with an identical copy of it, but let's gloss over that.) 

The modder notes you'll need fluffyquack's mod manager to install it, and that rigging the head mesh for facial animations is still a work-in-progress. If you want to run around Raccoon City as the Lion Cub of Cintra, here you go.

If you haven't played RE2 before, here's our guide to 8 things you should know before playing Resident Evil 2: Remake.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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