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This Resident Evil 2 Remake mod lets you play as Nier's 2B

(Image credit: Modder: Zhongyingjie)

Nowadays, if there's a successful and moddable third-person action game, you can rest assured that eventually Nier: Automata's 2B will be modded into it. It happened recently with Sekiro, it's happened in Monster Hunter: World, and now (thank god!) you can play as 2B in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

The work of modder TXYI, the '2B Claire' mod does what the name implies: it replaces Claire with 2B. None of the movesets have changed—it doesn't change up the gameplay at all—but I can hardly imagine her moveset slotting nicely into the corridor-laden world of Resident Evil.

The mod replaces the Noir DLC costume, and comes with the warning that using FluffyQuak's mod manager is "highly recommended". Thanks to DSOGaming for the heads up. 

Here's a few more screenshots courtesy of mod uploader zhongyingjie.

(Image credit: Modder: zhongyingjie)

(Image credit: modder: zhongyingjie)
Shaun Prescott
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