Now there's an RGB gaming chair to complete your RGB addiction

RGB continues to be the rage with gamers and hardware manufacturers. We've got motherboards, graphics cards, cases, fans, PSUs, fittings, and all sorts of accessories that light up in 16.7 million colors. But for the RGB completionist out there, you can now put your bottom on a chair that has RGB lighting—all wirelessly done too.

Vertagear announced its new PL4500 RGB chair, which is part of its racing series of chairs today at CES. The new chair lights up behind the headrest inside the harness through-holes and on the base. Powered by batteries that you can replace, Vertagear says that its PL4500 can stay lit and change colors for up to 30 hours on a full charge. The bottom of the seat piston also has its own lighting, which displays the Vertagear logo.

But what about changing colors? The PL4500 RGB has built in NZXT CAM integration, which remains our favorite system monitoring tool. CAM will recognize when a Vertagear chair is connected to the system and allow full customization of colors and various effects. This is all done wirelessly via a USB dongle that plugs into your PC, which will ship with the chair.

NZXT CAM enabled Vertagear PL4500 LED gaming chair.

No final pricing has been announced yet but Vertagear tells us that it'll start making the PL4500 RGB available this spring. Vertagear's current SL series was among our favorite gaming chairs.

Tuan Nguyen
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