Now even Warhammer has a subscription service

Two of the models from Warhammer+
(Image credit: Games Workshop)

If you don't feel like your Netflix subscription is giving you enough Space Marines, Games Workshop is now offering a solution: Warhammer+. The new subscription service, set to launch this August, has a little bit of everything, including Warhammer cartoons, in-house hobby videos, access to a vault of ebooks and mags, and both the 40k and Age of Sigmar apps.

When I saw the announcement, I was hoping it would be a way to save some pennies as I continue to add to my Space Wolves and Necron armies, but sadly there's not much there for people who just want more grim troops for the tabletop games. Instead it's a grab bag of ancillary stuff, though you'll also get one model at the end of your first year, if you stick around that long.

Here's the official list of goodies:

  • A wealth of Warhammer animation
  • Weekly in-house Warhammer hobby shows
  • A digital vault of classic Warhammer publications and White Dwarf issues
  • Full access to Warhammer Apps (that’s Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar, with more to come!)
  • Premium access to our official events
  • Exclusive subscriber offers
  • A free exclusive Citadel miniature worth at least £25 every year
  • Access to a second exclusive subscriber miniature

There's one model for AoS and another for 40k, but to get both you'll have to shell out some cash for the second. It will still be exclusive to subscribers, however, so it's definitely worth considering if you play both games. They're cracking models, but sadly not for armies that I play. Give us some Space Wolves love, GW.

Waiting around for a whole year to get the best bit honestly doesn't sound that tempting, but there's still a lot in this sub if you're interested in the Warhammer universes beyond the games. The service will launch with two animated shows, Angels of Death and Hammer and Bolter, with more episodes following every Wednesday. There's also exclusive shows from Warhammer TV, including painting guides to help you brush up on your technique. I could definitely use a hand making my Space Wolf faces look less like Cronenbergian nightmares.

On the literature front, there's a selection of Warhammer novels to devour, as well as the 2020 back catalogue of the White Dwarf magazine. For the longest time I avoided Warhammer books, but recently I grabbed a bunch of them and regret the misconception. There's crap in there, sure, but also some great stuff. It's just hard to sift through it all. Hopefully the selection offered with Warhammer+ has more of the latter. If you're trying to figure out where to start, specifically with 40k stuff, check out Jody's list of the best Warhammer 40,000 novels.

The service will launch on August 25 for £4.99/$5.99 a month. There's also an annual subscription that gives you two months for free. Unfortunately, even if you pay annually, you'll still have to wait a year for your fancy model.

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