Notorious hacking forum's data up for sale after being hacked by other hackers

Have I been Pwned
(Image credit: Have I been Pwned)

Not that anyone need prove Jeffrey Archer wrong (Google 'im!), but the infamous Breached cybercrime forum's database is up for sale. Turns out there is no honour among thieves after all.

The news comes courtesy of Have I Been Pwned (via Bleeping Computer), the central repository of all things online and exploited. Earlier this week, the Have I Been Pwned notification service announced that the Breached cybercrime forum data had been added and users could search to see if their login information and more had been compromised:

"In November 2022, the well-known hacking forum "BreachForums" was itself, breached. Later the following year, the operator of the website was arrested and the site seized by law enforcement agencies. The breach exposed 212k records including usernames, IP and email addresses, private messages between site members and passwords stored as argon2 hashes."

For the record, Breached was a hacking and data leak forum that hosted and facilitated the sale of data stolen from hacked companies, governments, and organisations across the world.

Apparently, the Breached forum data is currently being sold by a hacked going by the name "breached_db_person". Somewhat ironically, the hacker reportedly told BleepingComputer they had shared the database with Have I Been Pwned to prove its authenticity to potential buyers.

Should you be interested in grabbing the Breached data for yourself, well, the whole shebang is yours for $100,000 to $150,000 and contains a snapshot of the entire database taken on November 29th, 2022. Fill your boots.

Or rather don't. Despite the ample and obvious opportunity for schadenfreude, you'd still be paying someone unscrupulous for something stolen. It's all pretty ugly from top to bottom.


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