Notmycar is a vehicular battle royale, coming soon

Notmycar is providing an important service for anyone who has played PUBG and thought "this would be better if we were all cars". Up to 100 cars are dropped onto the battlefield, and they've got to gear up and murder the competition. It sounds as great as the new trailer is obnoxious. And it's pretty obnoxious. 

Since the trailer spends all of its time trying to channel the worst game adverts of the '90s, you'll need to watch last year's teaser if you want to see it in action. 

Also, they're flying cars. Well, gliding cars. That's how they get into the fight—soaring like eagles. Big, metal, heavily-armed eagles. You'll be able to customise your ride with new paint jobs and other cosmetics, as well as beefing it up with weapons and additional equipment. 

It's expected to be in Early Access for six months, during which time driving and combat will be tuned, and more consumables, including weapons, abilities and equipment, will be developed based on player feedback. Early Access will also limit the number of players to 50, which is still a lot of cars, but 1.0 will feature 75+ heavy metal brawls. 

Notmycar will launch on Steam Early Access on April 5 and will be free to play. 

Cheers, RPS.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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