Not Tonight is a 'politically-charged satirical game' set in an alternate post-Brexit Britain

Besides the return of blue passports, what does the post-Brexit world hold for the United Kingdom? PanicBarn's Not Tonight portrays an an alternate Britain bursting with pixel art, satire plus RPG and management sim mechanics. 

Warning: The following trailer contains Nigel Farage:

Not Tonight is set in a Britain where Brexit talks have collapsed and a far-right government is in charge, so says publisher No More Robots. You assume control of 'Person of European Heritage #112' in Relocation Block B, whose kind have been rounded up and exiled. Forced out of your old life, you've landed a gig as a bouncer. "Work hard, stay out of trouble, and we might let you stay in the UK."

It all sounds pretty grim, set in a world that echoes Biff Tannen's alternate 1985 Hill Valley. Similar to the likes of Papers, Please, timed moral choices determine your approach—"Will you join the resistance and fight the regime, or keep your head down and hope that one day this will all be a distant memory?"—as you guard the doors of pubs, clubs, parties and festivals of your now dystopian city. 

"Upgrade your apartment, bouncer and equipment to better prepare yourself for the future," says the game's Steam page blurb. "Decide what lengths you'll go to in order to survive in a Britain on the verge of collapse."

Not Tonight is due on PC via Steam in "Summer 2018". Prospective players can sign up for the beta by joining the Not Tonight Discord.