Nomadic survival MMO Last Oasis is getting an Early Access launch soon

Last Oasis, the post-apocalyptic MMO that lets you create and ride massive walking ships, is coming to Steam Early Access very soon. Originally due out last summer, it's seen a couple of delays, but you'll finally be able to start building your weird ships on March 26. 

It's a survival game with plenty of crafting, and while we've been inundated with these games over the last few years, Last Oasis has a few intriguing hooks. There are the ships, of course, which come in various shapes and sizes, from little one-person walkers to massive warships—there's even a huge walking city, the Flotilla. 

Only a strip of land is still habitable, but it's dynamic, with the sun eventually scorching the ground and forcing everyone to move on, where they'll fight over new oases or work together to exploit them. EVE Online has been name dropped as inspiration for the economy, and you'll be able to make trade routes between oases and, if you control them, get bonuses when people harvest stuff in your spot. 

According to the Steam page, developer Donkey Crew expects the Early Access phase to take 12-24 months, depending on community feedback. The player-driven economy, ships, survival mechanic and dynamic map will all be in place for the Early Access launch, while new biomes, resources, gear and tech advances will be added over time. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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